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Troi “DJ Chinaman” Lee – London born Deaf Dj & Sign Song Artists. 35 year old and training to become a qualified BSL Interpreter.

I first got my music walkman about when I was 10 year’s old. I love music and put the headphone over my hearing aids! That was it, I love the sounds and just start dancing to it. Growing up in a musical family, music was everywhere. When reach age 17...I start going to Raves, Festivals and party’s. I listen to everything...Hip Hop, House, Reggae, Bassline, Rock and many more. Music can make me and Deaf Rave team motivated with visual performance in dance or sign language rap/song. Important we inspire deaf people by visible and visual!!

I set up Deaf Rave and from there, I invited all my other deaf dj’s from London that I grew up with. We organised massive party’s 1000 deaf people from all over the world come. I and Deaf Rave team have play/perform all over Europe like France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Poland and many more. Great times and fantastic to meet all different people and communicating in sign language, understanding is never problem in Deaf World J. I love Deaf Culture!! I bring the music...and deaf people come and party! It the best thing in the world with bubbly energy & atmosphere! 1 Love to everyone!!

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